<1979> Overload CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

<1979> Overload CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

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CD Digipack

Year: 08.11.2019
Label: Hands Productions
Tracklist:         01 Mindtorture
02 Echos
03 Panic
04 April
05 Overload
06 Spirit
07 Strength
08 Coma
09 Decay
10 Flash
11 December

<1979> celebrate 2019, obviously, with an all new album at last, and what a blast: Expect an hour of pure, classic analogue power, repetitive loop-based rhythm’n’noise the way you don’t find it often anymore. The meter of machines and the grating hum of electricity make for a timeless sound that permeates body and mind. For generic dance floor tracks look elsewhere, this sets active effort before its enjoyment. Seven years in the long grass – what is technically the sophomore HANDS album by <1979> is in fact a complete reinvention of the duo’s sound.Frequen-C and DrMOllE took their time to let their ideas mature and develop through live gigs, DJ-sets and scarce underneath-the-radar releases. Most importantly, in 2014 they changed their setup to all analogue gear, with the visual aspect of the live performance in mind, but the decision surely has affected their production techniques immensely. Devoid of electro references or dance floor kicks this is uncompromised noise overload in the cherished tradition of Esplendor Geométrico and Sonar.

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