SYNTECH Shadows above me CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

SYNTECH Shadows above me CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

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Shadows above me


CD Digipack

Year: 08.11.2019
Label: Hands Productions

01 The Signs are Everywhere
02 What are you waiting for
03 Uncertainty
04 As if paralyzed
05 Shadows above me
06 In the Distance
07 Internal Scream
08 Disinformation
09 The Trip
10 Inside My Brain
11 Bestir
12 Timeless
13 So many Options
14 What remains


“There are times when we are surrounded by great encouragement, and we are reinvigorated to face whatever comes our way. At other times, we may find ourselves enclosed by nothing but shadows and darkness, at their business of robbing us of our cheer, our craft, and our purpose. Relentlessly, the darkness becomes greater.” What have SYNTECH been up to in the five years since the magnificent “Only Ruins remain” package? Here’s the result: Their fifth album, a passionate journey that is centred on the bold contrast of cinematic beauty and harsh-edged rhythms. And of course, the duo pulls of this juxtaposition with ease and craftsmanship. An emotional plunge for sure, providing moments of contemplation and allure, yet always flirting closer to abrasion. Light-years apart from standard-fare IDM, Syntech have successfully continued to carve their very own niche of genre-defying rhythmic electronica! Syntech have never sounded so focused, and “Shadows above Me” is arguably their most close-knit effort to date.

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