BLACKHOUSE One Man's Collection 1984-89 CD Digipack 2019

BLACKHOUSE One Man's Collection 1984-89 CD Digipack 2019

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One Man's Collection 1984-89


CD Digipack

Year: 2019
Label: Dark Vinyl
Tracklist:         (ALL remastered 2019)
01 More than You and Me 
02 Rhythmus
03 Numerology
04 Power of the Lion
05 Remember who took the Fall
06 Stairway to Heaven
07 Hope like a Candle
08 Answers for You
09 What do You know about Me?
10 Rock Rock
11 Dog (unreleased, remastered 2019)
12 Totally gone

12 selected tracks from the "golden" early years, plus 1 unreleased track ("Dog")! ALL tracks have been carefully remastered in 2019! The 8 page booklet features unreleased photos and the history of this legendary project, plus very personal notes on the detailed history of the individual tracks / albums from the years 1984-1994, commented by Brian Ladd of BLACKHOUSE!

BLACKHOUSE are one of the grandfathers of industrial music along with WHITEHOUSE / SPK / THROBBING GRISTLE and in the eyes of the fans the tracks of the first 5 albums are still milestones in the history of the Industrial movement. Brian in his own words: "ONE MAN'S COLLECTION is a compilation from the "early" days of my BLACKHOUSE art project. I started BLACKHOUSE in 1984. The music on this record represents the first 5 years of it …So… all in all… the first 5 years of BLACKHOUSE saw a lot of changes. The music progressed. It always progresses. Here it is in 2019,  and I'm still going strong. BLACKHOUSE is not just an Art Project… BLACKHOUSE is a LIFE project. It's what I do. Thanks for listening to it. "

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