SYZYGYX The Graveyard Compilation CD 2019

SYZYGYX The Graveyard Compilation CD 2019

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Title: The Graveyard Compilation


Year: 2019
Label: cold transmission music

01 Empty Station
02 Blurred Visions
03 In Pieces
04 Avoid the Void
05 Burning Graveyard
06 Can't kill Me
07 Lovely, Deadly
08 Eye of the Beholder
09 Velvet Lips
10 Kill the Pain
11 Shadowscape
12 Grimoire
13 Fantasma
14 Heart Frequencies
15 Gimme Chaos
16 Runaways


S Y Z Y G Y X  is the amazing American Cold Wave / Dark Wave / Electro project by Luna Blanc & Josh Clark, that released a few eps (all deleted now) and one album on labels such as Negative Gain (US),  Cleopatra (US) Burning Grave and Cold Transmission music. Check out this bands’ videos – they are among the best clips, I’ve seen for a coldwave act EVER! If you like Boy Harsher, you will LOVE S Y Z Y G Y X!

This Album is a collection of 16 songs from the deleted ‘Encounters’ EP, ‘Is that All there is’ and the ‘Broken Mirrors’ EP. Josh in his own words: “This was really hard to put together, as we had to decide what songs were going to be in this CD, and all of ours songs mean a lot to us. Together with the label, we came up with a list of really great songs. All songs on this CD have been remastered, and some songs even have a few new sounds, which makes this CD a really exclusive product!

Who would we be without human touch? Music for the lovers, the hopeless, the misfits, the rebels, the loners, the people in the back of the room.

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