COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER Egregore CD Digipack 2019

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER Egregore CD Digipack 2019

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Format: CD Digipack
Year: 26.07.2019
Label: Cold Spring
Tracklist:         01 Sun.:.Fire (16:19)
02 Breath.:.Wind (14:30)
03 Blood.:.Water (6:26)
04 Bone.:.Soil (14:57)

Style: Ritual / Black Ambient. In a beautiful matte-laminate gatefold ecopak, with visuals prepared by Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen). Égrégore is a ritual collaboration between B.S.s. (Common Eider, King Eider, Badgerlore / Six Organs Of Admittance collaborator) and Arexis (La Breiche, Coume Ouarnede, Stille Volk, Ihan)... and all of the spirits of the Pyrenees present during those Dark Moon Rituals, wishing to speak. Born under May's New Dark Moon in 2018, born in secrecy, in darkness, in Ritual. Born in a tiny cabin in the Pyrenees of France... Born in humbleness... in friendship. Born to offer voice to the stones and waters and stars and all the spirits of that land. Born to summon... Born to give thanks.

Rituals documented late into the night and early morning hours. Black moon... Black Mother... Voices captured whispering, wailing, lashing out. Rocks ground together, bundles of branches channeling voices hanging in the air, wishing to be heard, but spoken with a foreign tongue. Bells ring to both banish and invoke. Antlers scratching... mapping a direction... drawing digits. Voices speaking of loss, of longing... of hope, of despair. Voices singing of the broken relationship with the land and spirits. Voices screaming for repair and reciprocity.

Recorded live using electronics, rocks, antler, branches and voice. Four offerings given as gifts to the black air... the burnt soil... Gifts to the Spirits living in those forests and mountains of the Pyrenees. Dark moon folk magic...

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