TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing/Remixes & Cover Versions LIMITED 2CD Digipack 2019

TECHNIQUES BERLIN Breathing/Remixes & Cover Versions LIMITED 2CD Digipack 2019

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Breathing/Remixes & Cover Versions


2CD Digipack
Limited Edition

Year: 2019
Label: Nadanna

CD1 ‘Breathing’:
01 Deep End
02 Cold War
03 Serendipity
04 Damage
05 Burning down
06 Hollow Graphic Haze
07 Driving Force
08 Chances
09 Breathing
10 Salvation

‘Bonus Breathing’ (1985 - 2013):
11 Picture Show at the Roxy
12 Watching You
13 Beats like a Machine
14 Where have you been
15 Just one Look
16 Metropolis
17 Pieces of Glass
18 Planet 21

CD2 ‘Remixes and Cover Versions’:
01 23rd Underpass - Where have you been (rmx)
02 Agents In Infrared - Concrete and Steel (Cover)
03 Bang Elektronika - Cyberbeat (rmx)
04 Classioline - Beats like a Machine (Radiomix)
05 Depression Era - Burning down (Fires on Malta Remix)
06 Electronic Dream Factory - Just one Look (E.D.F Tormented Mix)
07 Epic Dreams - Machine Language (Cover)
08 Images In Vogue - Breathing (Joe Vizvary IIV Remix)
09 Kevin Komoda - Secret Lies (rmx)
10 Makina Girgir - Hollow Graphic Haze (rmx)
11 Nine Circles - She Fades Away (rmx)
12 Rational Youth - Dancing to the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Cover)
13 The Glen And Joe Show - Breathing (rmx)
14 Tony Marinello - Love via Computer (rmx)
15 Ultra Arcanum - Time fades to Nothing (rmx)


Re-birth for legendary Canadian 80s Electropop act! Formed in 1984 by high school buddies Andreas Gregor and David Rout, in their early stages, TECHNIQUES BERLIN was heavily influenced by UK acts like Japan,  Visage, The Human League, O.M.D., Yazoo and Depeche Mode as well as rising Canadian synthpop bands Rational Youth (Dave later became a member in 1998/99), Men Without Hats and Trans-X. It took them a few years to master their electronic toys and create a unique blend of addictive electropop melodies and beautifully crafted alternative beats. After years of glory, the project dismantled in 1991.

Now over two decades later, TECHNIQUES BERLIN is staging a remarkable comeback! Encouraged by the overwhelming response to a number of re-releases of out-of-print tracks, Dave and Andreas have decided to bring TECHNIQUES BERLIN back to life and they completed an album of brand new material. This 2CD set consists of the new album, consisting of 10 all new tracks, as well as 8 previously unreleased material from 1985-2013, alternate versions of tracks from the vaults. The 2CD version includes a bonus disc featuring 15 remixes by the best of the minimal synth, electropop and Italo Disco scene!

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