ELECTRIC SEWER AGE Contemplating Nothingness CD Digipack 2019 LTD.750

ELECTRIC SEWER AGE Contemplating Nothingness CD Digipack 2019 LTD.750

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Contemplating Nothingness

Format: CD Digipack
Limitiert und Nummeriert auf 750 Stück
Year: 12.07.2019
Label: Old Europa Cafe
Tracklist:         1. Still too far to go
2. Who's gonna save my soul
3. Chebo
4. Surrender the crags
5. Self Doubting Trip
6. Dekotur

ELECTRIC SEWER AGE was born as an “anonymous / secret and aural experiment” in 2006. In fact this project was a collaboration between PETER “SLEAZY” CHRISTOPHERSON (legendary former member of TG / COIL / PTV) and long time friend and collaborator DANNY HYDE (Dan might be better known for being the Sound-Maestro behind many COIL albums…). Following the unexpected passing of SLEAZY in 2010 and after the publication of first posthumous ELECTRIC SEWER AGE album, ESA became a solo project by DANNY HYDE. Well, after 5 years from the release of second ESA album here finally comes the awaited third chapter in the ESA saga. Very elegant, first-class electronic muzak. Dan was the sound-engineer for a number of COIL albums, e.g. “Love Secret Domain” which clearly bears his mark, similarly doped sounds can be heard also on this new release. Just like the previous release, this CD will come in a limited numbered edition of 750 copies.

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