PALAIS IDEAL Pressure Points CD Digipack 2019

PALAIS IDEAL Pressure Points CD Digipack 2019

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Title: Pressure Points

CD Digipack

Year: 2019
Label: Cold Transmission
Tracklist:         1. Interference (intro) 00:52
2. The Programme 04:50 
3. Love As A Virus 04:31 
4. Context Collapse 04:16 
5. Louder Than Words 04:27 
6. Die Stadt 03:37 
7. Catharsis 04:55 
8. D-List 03:40 
9. Everything Will Be OK 03:10 
10. A State Of Confusion 04:01 
11. Shot By Both Sides 04:07 
12. A Fractured Smile 05:08

In deluxe 6-panel digipak with booklet. Post-punk for emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation, energetic dancing and nostalgic enjoyment!Recorded in Eindhoven, the album was mixed and produced in Los Angeles by legendary producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode). PALAIS IDEAL's high-energy songs are constructed from elements of post-punk and new wave. Richard van Kruysdijk (bass, baritone guitar, guitar, backing vocals, synths, programming) and John Edwards (vocals, guitars, synths, programming) use vintage synths, guitars and equipment, referencing an early 80s sound. They draw inspiration from works by legendary bands like The Cure, Ultravox, New Order, The Sound and the Sisters of Mercy, as well as contemporary acts such as Editors, She Past Away and Actors. 'Pressure Points', the band's second album, is informed by their intensive gigging. A more direct and energetic sound is combined with stylistic experimentation and melodic development. Thematically, Pressure Points deals with the challenges of our technology-driven society and its dystopian as well as utopian effects.

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