ICD-10 Differential Diagnosis CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

ICD-10 Differential Diagnosis CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

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Differential Diagnosis


CD Digipack

Year: 03.05.2019
Label: Hands Productions

01 Congestion 
02 White Surfaces 
03 Dark Channels 
04 Jittered Visions
05 Rolling Thunder (feat. Toneflex) 
06 Wrong Way Driving 
07 Centerline 
08 Squeeze
09 Broken Rhythm 
10 Complex Shape (feat. Phasenmensch) 
11 Two Dimensions
12 Upheaval 
13 Sleepwalker


In Hands Paper Pack!

In 2019 it’s high time for a differential diagnosis of the ICD-10 sound: Following the 2017 collaboration album with label mate Phasenmensch, the duo now goes all solo, and full-on floor appeal with a healthy dose of hard rhythmic bangers. A relentless techno drive and noisy edges in a flawless production, a complex backbone and yet simple and catchy signature hooks per track make sure that this works over the entire 75 minutes playing time, as well as yielding plenty club smashs. ICD-10 state their agenda boldly: Infectious patterns, sound as decay, the rhythm of decline, music for disease. Henning Hinck and Daniel Himmelreich have proven their quality in front of techno and industrial audiences since 2011, even more since they started their live support of Phasenmensch a couple of years later, and “Differential Diagnosis” is the product of these long years shaping and sharpening their bold and cold, exciting and sometimes experimental sound.

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