AETERNA Abyssos CD Digipack 2012 LTD.400

AETERNA Abyssos CD Digipack 2012 LTD.400

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Title: Abyssos

CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 400 Stück

Year: 2012
Label: Lichterklang

1   Abyssos I   
2   Eternal War   
3   The End Is Near  
4   The Killing Fields   
5   Anti Christ   
6   Bastards   
7   Secrets Of The Heart   
8   Man Is Disorder   
9   The Thin Red Line   
10   Elegia   
11   Abyssos II


In 2009 the German Apocalyptic Folk Duo AETERNA released their successful debut „New Dawn“ on the Swedish cult label „Cold Meat Industry“. Their unique blend of dark Black Ambient, percussive Martial Industrial and fatalistic Folk was described as „Luciferian Hmyns to the New Dawn“. After three years of intensive work the eagerly awaitad successor „Abyssos“ now will be released, radically continuing the path of it’s predeccesor, from the archaic growls of doom up to the ethereal heights of Icarus’ flight, characterized by it’s fateful lyrics, melancholic guitar-melodies, powerful vocals, martial drums and overall driven by the Luciferian ghost of revolt. „Abyssos“ is an album of dark flickering beauty and heathen power, mastered by Cyclic Law Mastermind Frederic Arbour. The exclusive artwork was conceived by the well-respected artist Birthe Klementowski, known for her collaborations with Desiderii Marginis, :Golgatha:, Salle dell Colonne, Abatheia, Vortex and Dawn & Dusk Entwined.

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