CRYO The Fall of Man CD 2019 (VÖ 07.06)

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CRYO The Fall of Man CD 2019 (VÖ 07.06)

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The Fall of Man



Year: 07.06.2019
Label: Progress Productions

01 Know your Enemy 
02 Control 
03 Remember 
04 Valium 
05 Smile forever 
06 Sanitarium
07 Decay Decay Decay 
08 When you cross the Line 
09 Low Life 
10 Human Nature


It has been five long years since the release of "Retropia" but now finally Cryo is back. After their two singles "Control" and "Sanitarium", that both became clubhits and climbed high on both the DAC-Charts and the GEWC-Charts, they are now ready to present "The Fall of Man".

The album, holding ten tracks, proves that Cryo has developed even deeper in their cold and atmospheric EBM. Tracks like "Decay Decay Decay" and "Know your Enemy" takes us back almost to the era of Front 242 "Geography". But it´s no nostalgic trip. The sound has developed and was adapted to fit 2019’s technology and quality standards. People who are already fans will notice the distinct and characteristic sound of Cryo. Cryo has made themselfs a name as one of the big names to arise from the Swedish electronic scene. Playing festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen, E-tropolis, E-Only, Amphi Festival, NCN Festival – to name just a few! Recently they supported VNV Nation on the "Noire" tour and during summer 2019 they will return to both the Amphi and NCN Festivals!

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