DAHLIA’S TEAR Harmonious Euphonies for Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising CD Digipack 2019

DAHLIA’S TEAR Harmonious Euphonies for Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising CD Digipack 2019

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Harmonious Euphonies for Supernatural Traumas Mesmerising our Existences in Radient Corpuscle Galaxies


CD Digipack

Year: 05.04.2019
Label: Infinite Fog

01 Revenge of the Queen Lilac 
02 Radiation 
03 Scarlet ad Infinitum
04 When the Grey Oakleaf bloomed 
05 Endless Snow spiralling Gentle
06 Surullinen Kyyhkynen 
07 Hydrangea wept in Emerald Lake 
08 Voyage & Calaquendi
09 Ice Lake Diacenna 
10 Neptune's Sore, the Blueness


Dahlia’s Tear is a dark ambient project, musically diverse and innovative by Anile.D., based in Sweden, with a number of successful albums on Cold Meat Industry, Cryo Chamber, Thonar and other labels! The sound of Dahlia's Tear can be defined as dark ambient with drone raw soundscapes, spatial surreal moods and occasionally industrial, experimental influences combining electric and acoustic sounds. Dahlia's Tear albums are highly abstract and individually oriented, with slow-shifting, multi-layered textural drones of melancholy and solitude. The world of "Dahlia's Tear" is filled with an all overshadowing darkness and a wind made of despair is wafting through the gloomy soundscapes.

This celestial album offers a unique listening and cosmic experience that integrates sound orchestration with speculative dark ambient music to present a melancholic account of one’s inner world rendered in sound. Orginally released by Ravenheart Productions in 2005, the most classic DAHLIA’S TEAR album has been unavailable for over 10 years and has now been restored and remastered at Nightade (Sweden) by Anile.D. (Dahlia’s Tear)

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