RELIANT Songs from the Heart of Solitude CD Digipack 2019

RELIANT Songs from the Heart of Solitude CD Digipack 2019

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Title: Songs from the Heart of Solitude

CD Digipack

Year: 01.03.2019
Label: Space Race Records

01 Going out of My Skin 
02 Torrent of Life 
03 My entangled Soul 
04 A Friend so kind
05 High Hopes and Disappointments 
06 Songs from the Heart of Solitude 
07 In the Morning
08 Self-Preservation 
09 Shield of Shame 
10 Sleep


The solo debut by Reliant - aka Ole Ulrich Jensen, frontman of the Danish electro project VAYLON - is considered to be one of the most sensational novelties of this early 2019. New sonic perspectives of great class, to listen and keep in the soul, new sensations to experience: this is what "Songs from the Heart of Solitude" consists of: a musically perfect album, full of feelings and refined charm. The 10 tracks are a succession of exquisitely synthpopish songs, created in such a way as to arouse and spread infinite emotions, which - combining perfectly them with electronic melodies - will conquer the most passionate and intimate part of the listener. Warm vocals, sometimes dark and melancholic, are synchronized to a sober but impressive sound system, punctuated by midtempo drum-programming, outlined by sequencing symmetries and magnified by elegant synths flows. Each track of this full-lenght has its own precise identity, its own story, its own character, but all of them will know how to amaze you, how to induce you to reflect, catching you forever. The mastering phase was processed by Rob Early, mastermind of Washington DC-based electro/synthpop/IDM band Retrogramme, who adds further preciousness to this beautiful album, capable of transcending the artificiality of sound to reach fully who knows how to love. Just you.

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