LOTUS FEED Songs from the silent Age CD Digipack 2019

LOTUS FEED Songs from the silent Age CD Digipack 2019

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Title: Songs from the silent Age

CD Digipack

Year: 01.02.2019
Label: Icy Cold

01 Pressure
02 Bloom
03 Fail
04 Legacy
05 Dying Sun
06 Read My Mind
07 Under your Wings
08 Innocence
09 Daily Race
10 Shadows
11 Resurrection


Here it is – the brand new album of Cologne-based quartet Lotus Feed. While musically widely-ranged, the content focuses on topics which affect us all. A call for unity, solidarity and resistance in times of growing switch to the right in society. The struggle with inner demons, spirituality and sexuality are being dealt with, as well as a failed love affair - „a short trip to hell and back.“ Further topics are getting rid of people who are not good for oneself, as well as the inner conflict about a world which is presumably edge of the precipice. Where do we go from here, how may the future be, what will be left from our achievements – and what will be gone? All these are the most intriguing and thrilling questions. Last but not least, the loss of naivety and innocence, shattered dreams and the deep wish to keep up the affection to each others while being caught in everyday rut. Or in other words – the story so far: Surprisingly, Marten gets married to his Ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. David is nearly killed by a bike accident. After many years, Joy Division finally publish their new album... Singer Alex is in hospital due to blue cheese poisoning while Lars joins the first manned spaceflight to the moon. The band is waiting ever after for his return. The rehearsal-room was destroyed by fire. Since this incident, Marten plays zither and David uses old buckets as drums. Alex doesn’t sing any more but consistently plays his fathers old gramophone whenever they meet….

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