HUMAN Human CD Digipack 2019

HUMAN Human CD Digipack 2019

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Title: Human

CD Digipack

Year: 01.02.2019
Label: Icy Cold
Tracklist:         01 Last Exit before the Crash
02 Feeding the Ocean
03 Quai des Etroits
04 The Wheel
05 Hypnosphobia
06 Cage the Monster
07 This Part of me
08 Window Pain
09 Breakin'up the Shackles

HUMAN is the new project by Franck Ligabue, founding member, guitarist and drummer of SOROR DOLOROSA – but also French cousin of incredibly successful Italian rockstar Ligabue… And indeed, his solo project is much more rocky than SOROR DOLOROSA! HUMAN's first self-titled album carries the listener into the universe of a man who unashamedly delivers his introspective journey through the meanders of his being. A universe anchored in a sensitive, sensory, disturbing, touching landscape. Through indie rock, Cold Wave, Death Rock, Gothic rock compositions, human music talks about human nature under all its facets. Franck Ligabue states as his main musical influences acts such as early Christian Death, The Cure (Faith, Pornography), The Sisters of Mercy, Corpus Delicti – but also The Human League and The Sound.

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