Danish Electro Volume 3 CD Digipack 2019 LTD.300 Karsten Pflum NATTEFROST

Danish Electro Volume 3 CD Digipack 2019 LTD.300 Karsten Pflum NATTEFROST

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Danish Electro Volume 3


CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 300 Stück

Year: 01.02.2019
Label: Læbel

1.Heiniche - Falling Back To Past Time (DE3 Remix)
2.Obertron - Nostalgia 
3.Russian Corvette - Sovtech 
4.Fluxic - The Fog Is My Enemy
5.Secondface - Unknown Path 
6.As2o3 - Hesitation Salvation 
7.Kenneth Ansbjerg - Kensei 
8.Solyara - Heyradari 
9.Gelting - Jungle Escape / Ascend To The Temple Altar 
10.JX3D - Apocalyse 
11.Heinz Beauvaix - The Visible Man 
12.Max M - Time Is The Strongest 
13.Giedo Primo - Minimalskrot 
14.Bach - Klinkeklanke (Norberg Edit) 
15.Nattefrost - Fat Cats 
16.Karsten Pflum - Spindler Cum


Danish Electro is a series of compilations that present the enormous activity and creativity on the contemporary Danish electronic music underground scene. In 2018 the first two chapters of the series was released, the first chapter bringing focus on electro pop and the second on industrial EBM. The next chapter, Danish Electro Vol.03, is released on 1st of February 2019 and this time with a presentation of 16 Danish acts working in the genres synthwave, IDM, ambient and soundtracks, inspired by acts like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Clint Mansell, Dead Can Dance, Kraftwerk and the like. But at the same time the bands show that they are more than capable of having their very own way of expressing themselves musically.

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