Terror Night Vol.4 Digital Prophecy For Cyber Harvest 2CD 2018 LTD.150 C-LEKKTOR

Terror Night Vol.4 Digital Prophecy For Cyber Harvest 2CD 2018 LTD.150 C-LEKKTOR

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Terror Night Vol.4 Digital Prophecy For Cyber Harvest


2CD Digipack + Schuber
Limitiert und Handnummeriert auf 150 Stück

Year: 23.11.2018
Label: Insane Records

1. Xenoreceptor - Biohazarder
2. Homicidal Feelings - Cognitive Disorders (First Aid 4 Souls Remix)
3. Reaxion Guerrilla - Enjoy This Pain (Areal Kollen Remix)
4. Lumber_rooM - My Pale Horse
5. Distorted World - You Fall (Terror Night Mix)
6. Larva - Pay The Price
7. Van Roy Asylum - My Own Lolita (Drowden Remix)
8. Ulterpsic_ - Destroyed
9. F.T.C. - Programmed (Terror Night Mix)
10. Animo Stare - The World Of Lie And Pain
11. Cold Therapy - Through The Night (Vore Complex Remix)
12. Pecadores - Deus É Fiel (Lagrma Negra Remix)
13. Dead Inside Effect - The Dead Inside Me
14. Aim&Execute - Turmoil
15. Distoxia - Arma De Sangre Y Sombra

1. MonöChrome - The Military Song
2. Degenerated Sequences - Scattered (Terror Night Mix)
3. Winfxdinamo - In The Hall Of Extinction
4. Technogenetika - Spoiled Song
5. Sickfreak - Welcome To Reality
6. Chamaeleon - Sick And Perverted (XenoPussy Remix by Alien:Nation)
7. Luciferro & 3d Stas - Kitty feat. Sasha Rempel
8. M.O.D. - Ready Go And Try (Terror Night Mix)
9. CyberLich - New Strain
10. Syncfactory - To Not Be
11. C-Lekktor - Stigmata (Sensations Of Pain Remix by Nano Infect)
12. Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Dead Silence (Terror Night Mix)
13. Viscera Drip - Aphotic (Black Adept Version feat. Tanaros)
14. PreEmptive Strike 0.1 ‎– T.A.L.O.S. (Radio Edit)
15. Arian 1 - Spend The Night


The new part of «Terror Night» compilation is called «Vol.4 Digital Prophecy For Cyber ​​Harvest» and includes 2 CDs with 15 tracks each. Every song is created exclusively for this compilation. This time a lot of lesser-known but worthy projects contributed their efforts to this work, and this is certainly an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with new music. The music of Part 4 is more rough than on the previous compilations. You will find more harsh sound, distorted samples and guttural vocals on these CDs. 

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