ABOVE THE RUINS Songs of the Wolf CD Digipack 2018

ABOVE THE RUINS Songs of the Wolf CD Digipack 2018

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Title: Songs of the Wolf

CD Digipack

Year: 07.12.2018
Label: Infinite Fog

01 Waiting
02 Stormclouds over Europe
03 Roses
04 Last Rite
05 Under Western Skies
06 Song of the Wolf
07 Hundred Flags
08 Progress
09 Make us strong
10 The Killing Zone


Tony Wakeford project, founded 1984 after his involvement in Death In June Long-awaited and much due reissue of one of the most important albums in early Neo-folk history! Deleted for more than 20 years, this for sure will be interesting for those who dwell in New Wave/Post-punk/Neofolk and that are interested in the history of these genres! Originally released by legendary “World Serpent” in 1995, but recorded in far 1984, after Tony Wakeford left Death In June. A splendid mix of post-punk and new wave and slightly folky touch, the sound bears resemblance to early Death In June, Tony Wakeford's future project Sol Invictus and Joy Division. “Songs of the Wolf” was released as a tape in 1984 and as LP in 1986, both well acclaimed and sold out immediately. This new version includes the complete album plus two rare bonus tracks. This is absolutely everything that has been recorded EVER by this shortly existing project, and now we all can finally enjoy this music again: Music by very young people with hot blood and raw energy inside. The album is like a trip back in old times, that makes you feel young again! This is a charity release, the money from sales will be donated to “Hunt Saboteurs”, “Southall Black Sisters” and "Animal defense community".

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