NOTHING BUT NOISE Formations Magnetiques et Phenomenes d'Incertitude 2CD 2018

NOTHING BUT NOISE Formations Magnetiques et Phenomenes d'Incertitude 2CD 2018

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Formations Magnetiques et Phenomenes d'Incertitude


2CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 300 Stück

Year: 07.12.2018
Label: db2fluctuation

01 Autom@ta [08:10]
02 Beton BB84 [22:36]
03 experiment777 [12:53]
04 Autom@ta reprise [04:07]

01 Curved Attraction [12:04]
02 Methode Obscure [13:26]
03 Dust to Nebula - Self replicating forevers [12:58]
04 Curved Attraction reprise 80 [04:42]


With this double-CD Daniel B. opens up a breach in its own space-time and races inside of it, bends it and gives it new shapes to their wishes in order to explore it in all directions at the same time. That experiment allows the band to gather past, present and future within compositions that are too rich to fit onto only one record. The result is a double CD, designed as the observations of two series of physics experiments. New rules led to the writing and the expanding of the tracks from «Formations Magnetiques…»: by using only one machine to start off a track (Elektron A4, Roland System 100 Modular, Clavia Nordwave) as well as giving more space to improvisation, the global feel of the record slowly moves towards motion soundtracks. Echoing to the "Music for Muted TV” series, to which the band has already delivered four volumes, «Formations Magnetiques…» takes advantage of this constraint composing methodology to allow NothingButNoise to reinvent themselves on a massive track such as "Beton BB84" (French for “Concrete BB84”), a huge twenty-two minute track in three parts. It also allows the band to watch the infinitely small and the infinitely great through a sound prism on “Dust to Nebula<>self replicating Forevers”. Each composition turns into a sound experiment which would be arranged into sub-parts, true series of stress tests to its very own sound materials against the law of physics that govern our universe. One album. Two records. Two series of experiments not meant to be listened to in one go.

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