MILITIA Ambiorix CD Digipack 2018

MILITIA Ambiorix CD Digipack 2018

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Title: Ambiorix

CD Digipack

Year: 30.11.2018
Label: Old Europa Cafe

01 Resistance
02 Negotiation
03 Arguing
04 Ambush
05 Burning the Wicker Man
06 Woman of Gaul
07 Caesar's Revenge
08 Calling all Gauls
09 War
10 The Rape of Gaul
11 The Lost King


This CD comes in a very special Eco-Leather sleeve, half in Light and half in Dark Brown Leather. Moreover 4 different front-cover prints are available, representing four antique Gaul coins – for a total of 8 different versions of the album cover. Also included is a folding insert with all cover notes. After releasing MILITIA’s debut (a split with CON-DOM) in 1995, Old Europa Cafe, 23 years later, proudly presents the ALL NEW Milita Album – dedicated to the great Gaul King! All sounds with the usual unmistakable MILITIA trademark, a big variety of rythms, created by loads of self made percussion tools and wind instrumets. The songs are sung in different languages, including Latin and ancient Gaul.

Ambiorix, a musical story by MILITIA, based on Ceasar’s writings of “De Bello Gallico”. When around 57 bC Julius Ceaser conquered Gaul, his troops marched into Belgica (more or less today’s state of Belgium plus a part of the Netherlands reaching to the river Rhine). Belgica was inhabited by several tribes which were at war with each other frequently. The tribe of the Eburons was lead by 2 kings, Ambiorix and Catuvolcus, both sharing power. In 54 bC Ceasar had to provide his troops with fresh food and wood supplies and he ordered the tribes to cede a part of their crops to the Roman armies. The Eburons refused. Ceasar ordered his generals to build camps around their villages, take over power and confiscate the food supplies by force. Ambiorix and his Eburons were not to let this happen… This album narrates the story of Ambiorix… The definitive MILITIA album, the album of their maturity.

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