STUDIO-X Wrong CD Digipack 2018

STUDIO-X Wrong CD Digipack 2018

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Title: Wrong

CD Digipack

Year: 30.11.2018
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01 Asylum
02 Disease
03 Motivation
04 Media
05 Voices
06 Approach
07 Vampire
08 Slave
09 Wrong
10 Windows
11 Questions
12 L4D2
Info: Strong from the club success of his last albums and collaboration releases with DJ SIMON CARTER, TECNOID and AVARICE IN AUDIO, the Australian hi-NRG techno industrial producer strikes back with a quite surprising new full length album that will destabilize more than one… When joining hands with his new partner in crime Bridgette Collins, Lawrie Bayldon decided to break the rules by incorporating some new styles into his characteristic industrial dance sound. And while accidentally discovering a vocal fx chain that reminded them of MARILYN MANSON and other similar goth vocalists, they even went the crazy extra mile and started adding vocal lines on many songs of this new album, which is quite unusual for STUDIO-X who normally always mostly focused on sampled vocals manipulations. With “Wrong” STUDIO-X play it right and show people that you can express new styles of music but still incorporate your authentic sound. This unconventional album is a mixture of everything from entertaining to dark and beautiful and opens doors to a new trend towards eclectic electronic music with attitude… Play it at maximum volume!

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