CIRCUITO CERRADO Furious Basslines CD Digipack 2018

CIRCUITO CERRADO Furious Basslines CD Digipack 2018

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Title: Furious Basslines

CD Digipack

Year: 30.11.2018
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01 Revolution (feat. Odissi)
02 Shut that Shit down
03 Das ist laut
04 I will f*ck you up
05 Furious Basslines
06 Imitation of Life
07 As loud as possible
08 Technoizer (feat. SFX DJ)
09 Mode of Death
10 Machinery at Work
11 Mass Madness
Info: 2 years after the heavy industrial assaults of ‘Arrhythmia’, Mexican Circuito Cerrado are back in town to bring you to the next uplifting ear-challenge with their 3rd studio album pretty much aptly titled “Furious Basslines”! Marrko B. (mastermind of dark elektro fame C-LEKKTOR) and his partner in crime Psyklon return for an explicit tour de force of hardstyle tunes oppressively mixing heavy merciless basslines, addictive electronic melodies, hypnotizing repetitive sampled vocal slogans and aggressive beats. CIRCUITO CERRADO is nothing but a heavy sounding machinery crushing everything on its way with its aggressive lacerating modern techno beats and its industrial distorted noise attacks. It’s sexy, it’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s industrial, it’s modern techno, it’s top notch aggressive club noize! Hands up: it’s time for the ultimate Techno Industrial Revolution! Dance to the “Furious Basslines’ until your ears bleed and blood drips from your mouth… The perfect sonic treatment for all strong industrial heads around and fans of acts like NOISUF-X, FABRIKC, ANGERFIST, SONAR and more. Not for the fainthearted.               

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