SIMON DREAMS IN VIOLET Dreaming the Lost 1992-1996 CD Digipack 2018

SIMON DREAMS IN VIOLET Dreaming the Lost 1992-1996 CD Digipack 2018

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Dreaming the Lost 1992-1996


CD Digipack

Year: 2018
Label: Swiss Dark Nights

01 In My Dreams (original mix)
02 The Lake-to-
03 Sensation (1st version)
04 Cambiamenti (edit)
05 She walks
06 Dreaming in Violet (empty mix)
07 Cold
08 Frau Death (final mix)
09 Lust
10 Ephemera
11 Paranoia
12 Insanity
13 Witches' Hour
14 Lestat (edit)
15 Alive (Live Version)
16 Alice Suicidée (Instrumental)


For the first time on CD! This gifted band from Rome was very active in the early 90s in the Italian Goth/Darkwave scene, performing in clubs all around the country and celebrated by Media and fans alike! Celebrating 25 years from their 1st audiotape release, Swiss Dark Nights presents this compilation including 16 tracks edited from recordings from 1992 to 1996, aiming to catch grey/black shades of the second wave of the Goth scene. The first line-up included singer Massimiliano Maria, guitarist Luigi Lai, bassist ‘Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso’ and drummer Alice. Their first tape ever was released on legendary ENERGEIA label in spring 1993, and featured 6 tracks and several alternative versions. Their second release "Dreaming the Lost" was released for the same label the year after, and featured a new version of the Poe inspired track "The Lake" along with 10 new tracks. 1995 saw the release of "Follia", a compilation of unreleased tracks, some recorded after the 2nd demo sessions with first guitarist and 2 live tracks, recorded with the second guitarist Stefano Feru. in 1996 “Necrosis” releases an extended and remastered version of all three works including several alternative versions and unreleased instrumental versions performed during live performances. All tracks included in "Dreaming the Lost 1992​-​1996" have been remastered from original Mixes, taken from original coils and DATs.

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