INKUBUS SUKKUBUS Sabrina - Godess Of The Severn CD 2018 LTD.1000

INKUBUS SUKKUBUS Sabrina - Godess Of The Severn CD 2018 LTD.1000

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Sabrina - Godess Of The Severn


Limitiert auf 1000 Stück

Year: 26.10.2018
Label: Alice in... / Dark Dimensions Label Group

01 Sabrina - Once more & again
02 The Wych Elm's Secret
03 Garden of Pain
04 The Uley Gorilla - John Daniel
05 Datura Dreamer
06 Return to Barrow Wake
07 A Simple Girl
08 She has fled to the Sacred Land
09 In the Dark House
10 This Bird has flown
11 To the River a Life
12 Warrior Queen
13 Lest the Dead return again
14 Sabrina - Original Version

Info: “Sabrina – Goddess of the Severn” is the final part of the Inkubus Sukkubus musical Triptych “Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder” which has seen the release of “Barrow Wake” and “Belas Knap” albums interwoven within the regular Inkubus Sukkubus release Schedule.
A series of “Horror Folk” albums, the Witchcraft & Wonder series have seen the Inkubus Sukkubus explore the acoustic/folk side of their musical universe. The tracks have dealt with rich and at times dark history and folklore of rural Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.
Sabrina – Goddess of the Severn explores the flip side of the rural idyll, and finds a dark dystopia amongst the rambling fields, hedges and golden Cotswold stone. Central to the album is “Sabrina” the Roman Goddess of the River Severn, a goddess of darkness and light, mercy and cruelty.
As with Lilith and Bast, Sabrina has been a major influence upon Inkubus Sukkubus since before their formation in 1989.
Now on the eve of their third decade the Inkubus Sukkubus are still increasing in momentum as the wheel of fate, ever moving forward.

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