Projekt 100: The Early Years 1985-1995 CD 2000 black tape for a blue girl LYCIA

Projekt 100: The Early Years 1985-1995 CD 2000 black tape for a blue girl LYCIA

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Title: Projekt 100: The Early Years 1985-1995
Format: CD
Year: 2000
Label: Projekt

1  –Lycia  Excade Decade Decada 6:17
2  –Attrition  Feel The Backlash (Mix 1) 4:16
3  –black tape for a blue girl  Griffith Park 3:18
4  –Love Spirals Downwards  Kykeon (50 Years Of Sunshine Mix) 4:47
5  –Thanatos  The Shattered Sky Now Settled (Gray Land No. 3 Mix) 2:37
6  –Eden  Dreaming Among Stones (String Remix) 3:44
7  –lovesliescrushing  Valerian (Mix 1) 4:57
8  –Soul Whirling Somewhere  Opening The Ten-End (Demo Version) 1:44
9  –Soul Whirling Somewhere  I Dream We Are Blind (Early Mix) 4:01
10  –O Yuki Conjugate  A Gap Between Two Worlds 7:44
11  –Terrace Of Memories  Terrace Of Memories (Early Mix) 6:37
12  –black tape for a blue girl  The Magnet And The Metal 5:14
13  –Lycia  Byzantine 5:59


Projekt Record’s 100th Release
The Early Years [1985 – 1995]
The Projekt label has pioneered the Ethereal / Ambient / Gothic genres with a select roster of artists dedicated to creating art that appeals to the emotive forces within. Characterized by warm electronics and introspective, lush vocals, Projekt has maintained a high level of artistic integrity with each of its thoughtfully produced releases. Visually stunning design and graphics (by label founder Sam Rosenthal) compliment the aesthetic of the music on the label, all of which is carefully chosen by Rosenthal to propagate his own unique vision.

Reaching the milestone of its 100th release, Projekt wanted to celebrate this event in a special way. Harkening back to the time when catalog number “PRO-100” seemed a hundred years away, Rosenthal explains his motivation for this new compilation: “In planning Projekt100, I tried to recreate an era. A time gone by. A time when Projekt was young and our artists were widely unknown. Rather than put together a predictable ‘best of’ to commemorate Projekt’s 100th release, I have chosen to create The Great Lost Projekt Compilation. A reflection upon an era gone by, for those fans who have been with Projekt since the early days . . . or an introduction to bands perhaps missed, if a new-comer.”

Included are never before heard tracks from Projekt’s first two acts: Lycia and black tape for a blue girl; as well as unreleased mixes from Attrition, Eden, Lovesliescrushing, and SoulWhirlingSomewhere; early mixes from Thanatos and Terrace of Memories; an unreleased track from O Yuki Conjugate; and a rare mix from Love Spirals Downwards.

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