Projekt: Gothic CD 2002 black tape for a blue girl LYCIA Unto Ashes

Projekt: Gothic CD 2002 black tape for a blue girl LYCIA Unto Ashes

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Title: Projekt: Gothic
Format: CD
Year: 2002
Label: Projekt

1  –Audra  What Your Eyes Had Seen  5:18
2  –Voltaire  When You're Evil  4:37
3  –This Ascension  Mysterium  5:13
4  –black tape for a blue girl  All My Lovers  4:03
5  –Attrition  A Girl Called Harmony  5:08
6  –Mors Syphilitica  My Virgin Widows  3:31
7  –Lycia  Excade Decade Decada  6:09
8  –Mira  Cayman  5:30
9  –Thanatos  Splinters (Re-Stripped)  4:43
10  –Human Drama  Lonely  4:45
11  –Rajna  Rajna  4:51
12  –Lovespirals  Swollen Sea  2:51
13  –Unto Ashes  Don't Fear The Reaper  3:48


SUBLEVEL203com: “If one were to attempt to take the entire essence of Projekt’s artists and try to condense it into one simple disc, you would have Projekt: Gothic a brilliantly constructed CD showcasing the prime artists on this darkwave and ethereal label.

MUSICTAP: “13 tracks of impressive choices by the most influential bands and their most defining moments. Every song is as enchanting and as charismatic as each contributing band is unique. From the gothic comedy of Voltaire to the bleak despondency of Lycia; from the poetic melancholy of Black Tape for a Blue Girl to the ethereal beauty of Mira, there’s something for everyone here. The continuum of music is well explored here. With this disc, Projekt have provided the listener with a perfect sampling”

Sequenced by Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal for the Hot Topic chain, for the 2002 holiday season.

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