PAULINA CASSIDY Sugar Wingshiver CD 2014

PAULINA CASSIDY Sugar Wingshiver CD 2014

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Title: Sugar Wingshiver
Format: CD
Year: 2014
Label: Projekt

1  Sugar Wingshiver  3:39
2  Luna Sea  4:37
3  The Trance Pool  2:20
4  We Rush Beyond All Boundaries  6:21
5  Still A Ghost  1:36
6  Bird On A Mission  5:17
7  Fire In Our Eyes  5:02
8  Captured  1:23
9  Voodoo Lily  4:08
10  Loop Guru  4:22
11  Rise Of The Sirens  5:15
12  In A Labyrinth Of Light  1:12
13  Honeybee Reverie  3:03
14  Moondial  3:38
15  Khepri  5:16
16  (Bonus Track) The Mesmerist  3:02


We first met Paulina Cassidy with her hypnotic and magical “Frosty the Snowman” on Projekt’s 2012 Ornamental holiday compilation. Now she returns with a full album of whimsical, quirky dreampop which is as melancholy as it is heartening. A visual artist by trade, Paulina uses her sultry, rich voice as a potent ethereal instrument in combination with her fluidly-layered compositions, drawing the listener into her fascinating world of audible art. Imagine Kate Bush meets Monica Richards with a dusting of Julee Cruise to finish off the brew. Sugar Wingshiver‘s surreal atmospheres are unpredictable, yet mesmerizing, with lush textured strains settled alongside exotic, tribalesque pieces; the music has an ethereal beauty imbued with both the lightness of fairy kisses and the darkness of ghostly whispers. This album is a treat for the discerning lover of the furtive muse.

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