SLAP Ghost Stories CD 1994

SLAP Ghost Stories CD 1994

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Ghost Stories



Year: 1994
Label: Projekt: Archive

1 Slap Letters From The Front  7:10
2 Belt Sherman's March, Pt.s. 1 & 2 5:08
3 The Happiness Boys  Prayer To Shango 4:57
4 Belt Anysong  0:38
5 Slap Puppet  6:06
6 The Happiness Boys  Meat Parade 6:22
7 Belt The Skater  6:45
8 The Happiness Boys  In Native Tongues 1:16
9 Slap  The Garden  12:58
10a Belt  Shell  
10b Belt  The Horse  
11a Slap  A Night For A Day
11b Slap  Playing House
11c Slap  Left, Unsaid


Includes collaborations with Edward Bobb, in the Happiness Boys.

"This bizarre release spans the career of one individual (Stephen Nester), three of his projects, and the years ’82 through ’94. Describing most of these songs as soundtrack pieces or complex club-geared instrumentals would only be fair if the movie had a warped dream sequence and the club allowed timber wolves to roam around and snack on lethargic onlookers. Jim Thirlwell either borrowed from Nester or influenced his compositions, because fans of Foetus’ more experimental orchestral material will groove on this chaotic offering." (HUH MAGAZINE)

"I am tempted to make references to Illusion of Safety or some of the more avant garde projects from Europe and French Canada like Vromb. The cd booklet is an occasion in and of itself, it folds out and has multiple spines, full-color panels with artwork that baffles and repulses at the same time. All in all, a pretty damn good release. Quite an interesting disc."(MANIFOLD)

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