TEARWAVE Tearwave CD 2007

TEARWAVE Tearwave CD 2007

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Title: Tearwave
Format: CD
Year: 2007
Label: Projekt

1  Lotus Flower  5:05
2  Emotional Cocoon  5:01
3  Trial By Fire  4:58
4  Melinda  4:52
5  Lady Aurora  4:46
6  Dream Bliss  4:29
7  Crimson Interlude  1:32
8  Crimson Water Cleanses The Soul  5:35
9  Pointless Savior  4:02
10  Nightingale  5:09


Projekt is proud to announce their 2007 signing: Tearwave, a gorgeous Shoegazer / Dream-Pop quartet from one of the snowiest and depressed cities in America: Buffalo, NY.

Shoegaze is alive and well in Tearwave. A decade after bands like Lush, Slowdive and Ride rose and fell into obscurity, Tearwave comes to fill the void. Not just a re-creation of things tried and true, but a decade wiser and mature. Tearwave integrates sounds echoed from the spectrum of Shoegaze music, yet rarely mimics their influences; Tearwave takes their cues then creates a whole new supernova of sound for a current generation of indie-rock listeners. Drawing on the past but moving towards the future, their self-titled debut is the soundtrack of dreams, equally perfect for days of internal reflection, overcast Sundays in bed or moonlit graveyard walks.

Jenn Manganiello’s luscious vocals dig deep into the listener’s subconscious soul with her red-wine melodies and the distant warmth of her lyrics. Doug White’s guitars and keyboards soothe and drive with melodic darkness. John Stephanski’s arsenal of rare vintage drums and percussive instruments lay a pounding foundation while Joe Villella’s solid bass battens down the hatches to round out Tearwave’s monumental sound.

Tearwave’s compact, tight and driving songs are infused with an uneasy haunting aura; their music is dark and moody with an edge of troubling inspiration. This spellbinding sound has the genre’s enthusiasts spreading a frenzied buzz about Tearwave. U.S. and Europe Shoegaze and Darkwave message boards and blogs have been full of Tearwave references since the band’s appearance on MySpace just a few months ago.

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