HUMAN DRAMA Cause & Effect CD 2002

HUMAN DRAMA Cause & Effect CD 2002

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Title: Cause & Effect
Format: CD
Year: 2002
Label: Projekt

1  I Am Not Here  3:07
2  Look At Me Now 3:20
3  Quiet Desperation 3:52
4  Imitation Of . . .  4:28
5  Goodnight Sweetheart 3:35
6  Lonely 4:48
7  Madame Hate's Mad Search For Love  5:00
8  Bang The Drum Slowly 7:31
9  The Mystery 5:34
10  Cynthia's Journal 5:23
11  The Battle 5:16
12  About Michelle  4:02
13  Dance Me To The End Of love 6:24


Through the last seventeen years, the insightful songs of Johnny Indovina have been the core of Human Drama’s memorable live performances and beloved albums. The Human Drama songbook is made up of songs about the frailties of the human condition driven by raw emotions, passionately sung with Indovina’s intense personal touch. Now for 2002, this dark pop band returns to Projekt with Cause and Effect, thirteen new recordings that comprise Human Drama’s most up-tempo album since the RCA days of Feel, while remaining true to form lyrically, promising to strike close to the listener’s heart.

“Look at Me Now” examines the scars left by love with a passionate chorus that seems instantly recognizable. “Quiet Desperation” explores lost souls over an almost bluesy musical bed. The beautiful whispers of “Cynthia’s Journal” and the soaring “Madame Hate’s Mad Search For Love” will equally find their place, satisfying the fans’ thirst for emotionally direct new material while adding more converts to Human Drama’s devoted audience.

“I am very proud of this album,” says Indovina. “Where past albums dealt with the wounds, this CD deals mostly with the scars left by those wounds. Although it can probably also be described as dealing and living with the choices I’ve made, I think the theme of the album is dealing with the results of what life and love have sent my way.”

“Goodnight Sweetheart,” in fact, may be the most bittersweet love song to date in a career that has seen Indovina explore this subject many times before. The aggressive approach the band takes on this song serves to punctuate the admission of true love through the pain of what time has brought.

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