YOUR LIFE ON HOLD My Name is Legion for we are many CD Digipack 2018 (VÖ 09.11)

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YOUR LIFE ON HOLD My Name is Legion for we are many CD Digipack 2018 (VÖ 09.11)

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Title: My Name is Legion for we are many

CD Digipack

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 09.11.2018
Label: Solar Lodge

01 Shadow against the Sky
02 Bruised
03 Sunflower Sutra
04 Harvest Moon
05 Tension
06 Cold Fever
07 Silent Call
08 System Failure
09 Dead Tree
10 Detached


After the well-received debut album ‘Burning for the ancient connection’, YOUR LIFE ON HOLD surprises us already with a brand new gothic rock album that sounds even more dark and gloomy than its predecessor. On the new opus, the band proceeds where it had left, but injects its typical sound with more maturity and depth. On the first album YOUR LIFE ON HOLD was still forging its particular atmospheric guitar sound layered with light and melancholy. Now, on this second endeavour, YLOH perfected the musical quest. “On the new album, there’s more of everything,” John Wolf explains. “It’s harder. And it’s softer. There’s more guitar, and there’s more synth. Having a blueprint of how YLOH had to sound like, I allowed myself to experiment and create new music that sounded both refreshing and recognizable.”

From classic gothic rock to more innovative post goth tunes, fans will just love the broad spectrum of dark guitar tunes the new album has to offer. From the catchy ‘Sunflower sutra’ and the harder ‘Tension’ to the classic goth rocker ‘Bruised’ or the shiny ‘Harvest moon’, the second album never fails to surprise and entertain. ‘Cold fever’ will take you on a sinister post rock adventure, while ‘System failure’ brings you that pure and unadulterated goth sound injected with some shoegaze. Melancholy was redefined in the heartbreaking 8 minute journey of ‘Detached’, probably one of the most impressive tracks by the band to date.

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