ARGINE Pathos! CD 2018

ARGINE Pathos! CD 2018

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Year: 2018
Label: Ark Records
Tracklist:         01 Pathos! – Prologo  4:40
02 Fragile        3:20
03 L'Attesa      3:49
04 Non Cambierà       3:19
05 Sulle Macerie         3:36
06 Effetto Boke           4:00
07 Vorrei - Manifesto  4:30
08 L'Atto Mancato - Freudian Slip      5:52
09 Orizzonte Immaginario      4:48
10 Passaggi - Inconscio Evocativo    4:05
11 Verso Sera 4:07
12 Aurora        3:37
13 Il Tempo Della Verità         3:39
14 Esitante - Epilogo Aperto  3:33

Eight years after the last studio album: "Umori d'autunno", Argine finally returned to the studio to record their latest effort "Pathos!". 14 tracks as an insight of Corrado Videtta, author of both lyrics and music, and arranged and performed by the band, following a convex line, openly showing themselves in the violent and fleeting creative thunder… On ‘Pathos!’ the band is speaking of hidden feelings in the folds of our souls: regret, nostalgia, unbelievable immobility in front of the unstoppable magma of life and then suddenly: the desire to escape, the freedom of crying out to the world and the joy of regained self-awareness in the presence of a powerful, invincible inner sun that unexpectedly shows the way in the direction of a renewed peace with everything around. Argine’s sound is recognizable and on ‘Pathos!’ is has been enriched by an expanded use of Synths that results in a perfect balance between New Wave and Neofolk. Apart from the historical components: Corrado Videtta: vocals and guitars; Michele De Finis: bass and effects; Alessio Sica: drums and percussion; Caterina Bianco: violin and voice and Luigi Rubino: keyboards and synths are joining the band definitively to re-define the sound of this highly gifted and long living artist!

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