ONTAL Afflux 2014-2018 CD Digipack 2018 HANDS

ONTAL Afflux 2014-2018 CD Digipack 2018 HANDS

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Afflux 2014-2018


CD Digipack

Year: 11.05.2018
Label: Hands Productions

01 Function
02 Penetration
03 Reverting
04 Mehanizam
05 Combat Engineering
06 Critical Path Method
07 Shock
08 Taphonomy
09 Lesion
10 Chaos Theory
11 Function (Geistform rmx)
12 Mehanizam (New Frames rmx)
13 Shock (Unhuman rmx)


Hot on the heels of the “Amass” album, Ontal grace the crowd again with a special treat: A collection of ten tracks from their infamous vinyl only releases, selected club tunes (that actually appeared between 2014 and 2016), plus all-new remixes by label mates Geistform and New Frames, as well as greek producer Unhuman. By its very nature, this is a display of Ontal’s mastery of rhythmic force, immediate and undiluted industrial techno the way it’s done and why it rules supreme. “Afflux” is a trip through the rather recent history of a style that is more present-day than any. The “Afflux” is a notably rough collection of tracks with a mission: Physical arousal by means of bulging beats and an unsettling omnipresence of noise! For the audience, “Afflux 2014-2018” may serve as a rougher twin to “Amass”, as well as a treasury of highly potential club tunes, with the diversion provided by the exclusive remixes putting the icing on the cake proper!

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