TRISOMIE 21 Don’t You Hear? CD Digipack 2018 LTD.300

TRISOMIE 21 Don’t You Hear? CD Digipack 2018 LTD.300

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Title: Don’t You Hear?

CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 300 Stück

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2018
Label: Daft Records
Tracklist: 01 Relationship  (Live intro)*
02 The wayside*
03 See the Devil in me (demo)
04 Don't you hear?*
05 We have not the Choice*
06 Preface (Live intro)*
07 Hot Roads*
08 La fete triste (demo)
09 Darkness settles*
10 Is Anybody home? (part 1) (demo)
11 Blue Twilight*
12 There’s no Trouble there (version)
13 Constellation*
* = unreleased, exclusive track!

AMAZING limited CD print of the Vinyl released on DAFT-sister label MINIMAL MAXIMAL – the CD comes with 3 bonus-tracks NOT on the Vinyl. Vintage rarities 1978 - 1981 available on CD and vinyl for the very first time!
TRISOMIE 21 is for sure France’s most respected, highly influential and legendary New Wave/Cold wave group! Formed near Lille, France by brothers Philippe and Hervé Lomprez, the project had its first ever release on Himalaya, the same label that first released FRONT 242. The band got soon signed by Play it again, Sam and released a number of highly successful albums and singles. The band recently re-united and is playing a number of high level concerts and Festivals (Wave Gotik Treffen, New Waves Day, Motocultor Festival etc.) this summer!

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