ASH CODE Perspektive [+7 bonus] CD Digipack 2018

ASH CODE Perspektive [+7 bonus] CD Digipack 2018

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Format: CD Digipack
Year: 25.05.2018
Label: Manic Depression

01 Glow 
02 Icy Cold 
03 Betrayed 
04 Flesh and Words § 
05 Disease 
06 Perspektive
07 If You were here 
08 Rivers 
09 Black Gloves 
10 Redeem Yourself 
11 Lie
12 Disease (Hante Remix) § 
13 Perspektive (We Are Temporary Remix) §
14 If You Were Here (She Pleasures Herself Remix) § 
15 Glow (Agent Side Grinder Remix) §
16 Perspektive (The Ne-21 Remix) § 
17 Icy Cold (Selfishadows Remix) §

§ = Bonus-Tracks, exlusive to the CD version


The CD version contains the exclusive track ‘Flesh and Words’ and is further enriched by 6 remixes by artists of the electronic, darkwave and industrial scene: Agent Side Grinder, Hante, We Are Temporary, The 21 Reedit, She Pleasures Herself and Selfishadows.

Ash Code were born in 2014; now with two acclaimed albums on their backs and a vast live experience both in clubs and at all major festivals across the world, they have carved out a special place in the shadowed hearts of contemporary darkwave lovers. “Perspektive” is Ash Code third  full-length, consisting of eleven ‘main’ tracks (on the CD) about stories of the past and of an hypothetical dystopian future to pinpoint the void and issues of contemporary society: tech slavery, keyboard warriors, frozen hearts, corrupted art, broken promises, but envisioning a slight possibility of redemption. The band marked down "We believe that every point of view is worthy of respect, every personal ' perspective'. Ethical law is ‘respect’ par excellence, which originates from an empathetic feeling towards the others. If we learn to perceive each and every other person, even different species, while remaining ourselves, there won’t be anything negative in that". This new work marks the turning point in sound; this time mainly focused on darkwave electronic music but including a dirtier and more raw approach than the past, entailing claustrophobic sounds, unusual musical instruments and a lot of echoes straight out of the 80s goth and industrial scene. Another novelty is the titletrack ‘Perspektive’, sung for the first time in German with Luca Gillian from Die Selektion, a tribute to the nation loved by the band. This time the band has entrusted Doruk Ozturkcan (She Past Away) with the task of mixing and mastering to his tastes accordingly and the LP cover is an interpretation of the concept behind the work made by Sandra Roczeń.

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