LEBANON HANOVER Let them be Alien LP BLACK VINYL 2018 (VÖ 06.04)

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LEBANON HANOVER Let them be Alien LP BLACK VINYL 2018 (VÖ 06.04)

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Let them be Alien

Format: LP Black Vinyl
Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 06.04.2018
Label: Fabrika
Tracklist: 01 Alien
02 Gravity sucks
03 Kiss Me
04 Favorite black Cat
05 Lavender
06 Du Scrollst
07 True Romantics
08 Silent Choir
09 Ebenholz
10 Petals
Info: It’s been almost six years since the release of the band’s critically-acclaimed debut album “The World is getting colder”. Since then the half Brit-half Swiss duo have established themselves as one of the most powerful and successful genre-defining acts throughout Europe, scoring 5 heart-throbbing albums and numerous performances all around the world, making them THE most successful bands of the cold wave / minimal wave scene. Exploring the sonic and emotional range that the audience have learned to expect from Lebanon Hanover, “Alien” is built up in emotional vocals, liquid chords, dramatic keys, and distorted digital waves where the duo recalls the eerie clouds of industrial and goth 1980's. The album depicts the dark honesty and profound feelings of two alienated personas with true romantic hearts yet feeling socially unrest. In each track, William and Larissa tell a different story which will sweep the audience through a deep, conscious, continual and wistful trip, and ultimately keep them anchored in feelings,

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