AURELIO VOLTAIRE Almost Human [re-release] CD Digipack 2018

AURELIO VOLTAIRE Almost Human [re-release] CD Digipack 2018

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Almost Human [re-release]

Format: CD Digipack
Year: 16.03.2018
Label: Projekt
Tracklist: 01 Out of Reach 04:23
02 Dunce 05:16
03 Feathery Wings 05:05
04 Almost Human 03:54
05 God Thinks 04:12
06 Anastasia 05:21
07 Dead Girls 04:12
08 Underground 04:10
09 Ringo No Uta 01:29
10 The Headless Waltz 03:36
11 Alchemy Mondays 01:28
12 The Last Word 4:40
13 The Night 4:32
14 El Barquito de Nuez 1:17

The album is now back in print for 2018 in new packaging. 4-panel digipack incl. 8-page lyric booklet.

On his debut, Voltaire satirized the concept of Evil and the many ways it manifests itself in the world. 2 years later, Voltaire returned with a more lighthearted look at life from the perspective of God’s angelic cast-off, Lucifer, driven by pride to attempt the first failed coup in history. Singing in a deep, velvety croon with all the passion, sorrow and bitterness of a fallen angel, Voltaire crafted an album full of haunting Old World melodies and memorable pop tunes that you won’t be able to get out of your head without a guillotine. Spontaneously full of mirth and dark humor, Almost Human blurs the gap between the 18th and 21st centuries. This is pop music for a parallel universe, where Morrissey is the Queen of England and electricity was never discovered. Cleverly combining classical instruments with present-day song structures, Voltaire’s New Wave band from the Victorian Era cavort through a cabaret suitable for the most contemporary of dance floors.

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