DANIEL B. PROTHESE vs. Edwin Vanvinckenroye 99.9 CD 2018 LTD.500 FRONT 242

DANIEL B. PROTHESE vs. Edwin Vanvinckenroye 99.9 CD 2018 LTD.500 FRONT 242

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DANIEL B. PROTHESE vs. Edwin Vanvinckenroye



Limitiert auf 500 Stück

Year: 16.02.2018
Label: alfa matrix

01 FearFall 
02 Crackk 
03 BrO+hers 
04 Same<H> 
05 Pump 
06 I.D.1One
07 Dis+rss 
08 See 
09 Same<S> 
10 BrO+hers ins+rumen+al 
11 FearFall ins+rumen+al


“99.9” is an eccentric musical biotope that evolved from a close collaboration between Daniel B. PROTHESE (Front 242, Nothing But Noise, Male Or Female) - elektronik - and Edwin Vanvinckenroye (Troissoeur) -  violin and vocals.

Edwin’s unique acoustic energy fused with Daniel B.’s sharp electronic sound architecture creates a wide range of colours and generates depth. The music starts with the sound of old synthesizers and acoustic/classical instruments played in an unusual way. The music sits somewhere inbetween contemporary neo-classical world, ambient and electro-folk. The central ideas are variation and expressiveness. New compositions are formed out of repetitive elements, which have a compelling and intoxicating effect on the listener. “99.9” mixes songs, trance and sound design with a subtle hint of noise: acoustic passion paired with steaming energy. Not hard, yet gripping. Not evasive, yet accessible. The result oversteps the borders of genre. The energy is essential. And the intense communication between the ‘clashing’ musicians. Some kind of body music to be discovered. Cinematic by nature, energetic, alien, dulcet, loud and quiet, “99.9” explores a field of electro-acoustic world music with an edge.

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