SERAPHIM SYSTEM System Initializing 3CD Digipack 2017 LTD.100

SERAPHIM SYSTEM System Initializing 3CD Digipack 2017 LTD.100

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Title: System Initializing

3CD Digipack
Limited edition of strictly 100 copies

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2017
Label: Digital World Audio

CD1 “Excessive Force”:
01 Civic Duty: Kill the Rich
02 Messiah Complex
03 Obsession & Motive
04 Our History of Violence
05 Don’t call it Techno
06 The Police State
07 Utterly Insane
08 Just keep your fu*king Mouth shut
09 Fear as a Weapon
10 Disposable
11 AK4K

CD2 “Eradicate with Extreme Prejudice”:
01 Eradicate with extreme Prejudice
02 Weaponize
03 A new Breed of Cyborg
04 Breaking Me
05 Guerilla
06 Shellshock
07 Dig My Grave
08 Monkeys in Suits
09 Uprising
10 The Undoing v2
11 So be it
12 Heavily devilish
13 Your God doesn’t live here

CD3 “Deadly Farce”: ‘Deadly Force’ spoof album


Don’t miss this! We have been able to secure VERY LIMITED stock of the FINAL FEW copies of the triple(!) CD version of SERAPHIM SYSTEM back-catalogue release “System Initializing” in 6-panel digifile. Scheduled for subsequent general release as 2CD in jewelcase, this ultra-limited 3CD version includes a bonus disc of “spoof” (parody) of their third album “Deadly Force” -  an exclusive album that excerpts of all the tracks from the original "Deadly Force", cut together with "found sounds" from TV adverts etc...
The 3CD-set contains the originally self-released albums ‘Excessive Force’ (2013), ‘Eradicate with Extreme Prejudice’ and said ‘Deadly Farce’ spoof album! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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