JUNKSISTA Promiscuous Tendendies CD Digipack 2018

JUNKSISTA Promiscuous Tendendies CD Digipack 2018

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Promiscuous Tendendies


CD Digipack

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 09.02.2018
Label: alfa matrix

01 Monday feat. Essence of Mind 
02 Control 
03 Fu*§ for Love
04 Monster feat. LayZee (formerly of Mr. President) 
05 Away with the Fairies
06 Love makes People stupid 
07 Freak at Heart feat. Emke (Black Nail Cabaret)
08 Ice Cream 
09 Burn your fu*king House down 
10 Bi*ch this is My Party
11 Celebration Fornication feat. Noemi Aurora (Helalyn Flowers) 
12 Silence


Controversy. Sex. Fun. Darkness: not many bands manage to polarize their listeners quite like JUNKSISTA... and they are about to do it again with their most accomplished studio album so far: “Promiscuous Tendencies” - the gripping next chapter after 2014's "High Voltage Confessions". 12 brand new songs like 12 thrilling love affairs, waiting to be explored.

JUNKSISTA seduces us with an incredible range of musical styles and the trademark twinkly eyed humour, that has been driving quite some music journalists nuts. Too silly to be meaningful? Too sexy to be significant, too mainstream for the underground? What the F*** is this?

Again, Diana S. and Boog haven't exactly been faithful to just one musical genre. On “Promiscuous Tendencies” you will find bitching club anthems, melancholic electro-pop songs, funky electro tunes and even a hypnotic ballad. All these songs have two things in common: authenticity and an immaculate production that will tempt you to determine the performance limit of your stereo!

This extraordinary record is being refined by a number of well-known artists, JUNKSISTA collaborated with. Amongst them LayZee (Mr. President), the international Eurodance superstar of the 90s, best known for the hit single Coco Jamboo. Noemie Aurora (Helalyn Flowers), Emke (Black Nail Cabaret) and Erlend Eilersten (Essence Of Mind) also joined this ride and threw in some brilliant vocals.

“Promiscuous Tendencies” - it will make you explore the dance floor, the dark places in your heart and the wet ones in your pants. Are you ready?

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