SVARTSINN Morkets Variabler CD DigiBook 2017 LTD.500

SVARTSINN Morkets Variabler CD DigiBook 2017 LTD.500

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Title: Morkets Variabler

CD DigiBook

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2017
Label: Cyclic Law
Tracklist: 01 And in this Cloak of Darkness I cast My Shadow Short
02 Doubt as Sin
03 Echoes of silent Cries
04 In the Wake of Azathoth
05 Yearning Part 2
06 Where no Other can follow
07 Vemod

Deluxe Digibook Edition of 500 copies. Hardcover, 4 panels sleeve, 16 p. booklet! 8 years since the last regular album, Norway’s Svartsinn returns with a new opus, reaffirming his place as one of the world’s premiere Dark Ambient acts. For this album Jan Roger Pettersen is accompanied on some tracks by fellow Norwegian Amund Ulvestad on Cello, providing new elements to Svartsinn’s distinct ominous drones. Mørkets Variabler translates to "Variables Of Darkness" and it is a certain combination of such variables that fuels the urges and need to create the atmospheres translating as Svartsinn. Darkness comes in various shapes and forms and through these new pieces we are plunged into this vast and singular subject, left to our senses to explore it’s subtle meanings and impressions left within ourselves. Artwork by Dehn Sora. 7 Tracks, 63:51 mins.

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