ZOS KIA 23 2CD DigiBook 2017

ZOS KIA 23 2CD DigiBook 2017

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Title: 23

2CD DigiBook
Limited Edition

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 20.10.2017
Label: Infinite Fog

01 Black Action (12'’ Mix)  
02 Be like Me (12" Mix)  
03 10 Miles High  
04 Rape (7" Version)
05 Thank You (7" Version)  
06 Black Action (Alternative Mix)  
07 An Absolute (12" Mix)
08 Muggy the Staff (Unreleased Radio Edit)  
09 Be like Me (Extended Mix)
10 Black Action (Dub Mix)  
11 An Absolute (Mekon Mix)

01 Ake  
02 An Absolute (Alternative Mix)  
03 Era Vulgaris A1  
04 Era Vulgaris A3
05 Harry wouldn't like it  
06 Rape (Early Rehearsal)  
07 Be like Me (Live @ Stoke Newington Town Hall 1984)
08 Baptism of Fire (Live @ The Berlin Atonal 1983)  
09 Poisons (Live @ The Berlin Atonal 1983)
10 Sewn Open 
11 Sways Backwards  
12 Sleazy Said


ZOS KIA was formed by John Gosling (MEKON), John Balance (COIL) and Min – with guest Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson (THROBBING GRISTLE). Their one and only long-play album ‘Transparent’ was released in August 1983 on cassette by the now-defunct Nekrophile label in Austria. These were the first released recordings of both COIL and ZOS KIA. It was re-issued years later by COIL (Threshold House / Eskaton) in an edited edition and just of recent, the entire recordings were reissued on CD and Vinyl via COLD SPRING records. Definitely "Transparent" can be seen as one of the most legendary and important industrial releases of all times. But besides of "Transparent", ZOS KIA released 2 EPs on Vinyl and recorded several tracks for compilations, as well as about an hour of unreleased material, which was recently found in John Gosling’s archives. Now the final and complete anthology of ZOS KIA recordings are being released for the first time ever in a luxury digibook 2CD edition! 23 tracks, more than 2 hours of exciting material in various styles were сarefully extracted and prepared for release by John Gosling himself, and artwork was done by Cold Graves. Well-known tracks in different forms, unknown, rare and unreleased compositions and much more for a deep diving into the esoteric underground music of the 80s! "23" is the ultimate and long overdue release for all those, who are dedicated deeply to old-school industrial music, collectors and is especially a great gift for all COIL lovers. Coming in DELUXE Digibook including some pages with informations & exclusive archive pictures.

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