Circuit d’Actes 3 LP VINYL 2013 LTD.450 POSITION PARALLELE

Circuit d’Actes 3 LP VINYL 2013 LTD.450 POSITION PARALLELE

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Circuit d’Actes 3


LP Vinyl Edition of 450 handnumbered copies

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2013
Label: La Forme Lente

A1 Kline Coma Xero - Left behind
A2 Illustration Sonore - Flying Lights
A3 Position Parallele - Pop Mortem
A4 Post Festum - Amorf /verzió/
A5 Shiny Black Mater - La Pelote du Chat

B1 Kline Coma Xero - We are only Riders
B2 Illustration Sonore - Violence
B3 Position Parallèle - Si je Te croise...
B4 Új Látásmód Fúzió - A Jövonek Dedikálva
B5 Shiny Black Mater - Roses and Ashes


The third installation of the Circuit D'Actes series from Belgian-French label La Forme Lente. In keeping with the spirit of its acclaimed (and now sold out) predecessors, this so far latest Vinyl-only release offerd a focus on modern acts (2 tracks each) as much as an overview of all things synth-based. From Position Parallèle (Dernière Volonté) and Kline Coma Xero's dark romanticism to the self-described "No future pop" of Illustration Sonore (feat. members of Dolina, Âme de Boue, Jeunesse Fantôme and Froe Char) and Új Látásmód Fúzió /Post-Festum minimalistic soundscapes or Shiny Black Mater's (former Le Syndicat Electronique) take on 19th century nursery rhyme, every track is striking evidence of the creative forces within the synth/wave scene

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