TOTEM OBSCURA Nordische Feste CD 2017

TOTEM OBSCURA Nordische Feste CD 2017

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Nordische Feste



Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 17.11.2017
Label: alfa matrix

01 Eisenmann
02 Helden feat. Hubert Kah
03 The North
04 Vereiste Erde
05 Blut Marschiert
06 Bastard
07 Schande
08 Warrior (club battle) feat. Cosmic Armchair
09 Bluttanz
10 Geständig
11 Wounds of Silence (sinner version)
12 Verräter
13 Blut Marschiert (Ruined Conflict remix)
14 Eisenmann (Hell:Sector remix)
15 Helden feat. Hubert Kah (Crytek remix)
16 Totenlicht


With their second full length album, the German duo TOTEM OBSCURA carry us to brutal battlefields where Middle Age knights encounter modern aliens and other mystical creatures. The setting is foggy and mysterious. Fear and death are oppressively omnipresent. We actually almost taste blood, dust and rusty metal through the ambiance set by these haunting dark tunes signed by the infernal duo of Nadine “AENGELDUST” Engel and Pedro “ACYLUM” Engel.
Their last club hit song “Eisenmann” had already announced a more than promising album release, and fans of dark elektro will not be deceived by this new powerful “Nordische Feste”!  And besides additional floorkillers like the heavy and solid “Bastard” or yet the epic “North”, the German duo expanded the experimental side of the project by exploring modern dance realms on an unexpected collaboration with Singapore electro dance act COSMIC ARMCHAIR, flirting with metal industrial on the muscled guitary HELL:SECTOR version of the “Eisenmann” hit or yet by bringing us the most unpredictable collaboration of the year, fusing fire and ice on “Helden” with the amazing featuring of early 80’s German living legend Hubert Kah (also known for his successful hit-songs and backing vocals for the 80’s icon SANDRA). We will also notice two great remix collaborations with RUINED CONFLICT and new label mates CRYTEK.
On “Nordische Feste”, TOTEM OBCURA blend opposite genres and various historical influences into their unique cocktail of aggressive dark elektro, tortuous Middle-Age tonalities, lingering oppressive atmospheres reinforced by German lyrics and contrasting vocal duets of Nadine’s bewitching chants and Pedro’s powerful distorted growls.

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