HECQ Chansons de Geste CD Digipack 2017

HECQ Chansons de Geste CD Digipack 2017

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Chansons de Geste


CD Digipack

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2017
Label: hymen

01 Worlds End
02 Nescient
03 Home by Nights
04 Heathland
05 Recital 1
06 Passage
07 Tome
08 Rest
09 Dust & Carpets
10 Recital 2
11 There is always Tomorrow


CD version of the all new HECQ album, in 6-panel digipak made of matte cardboard

Ben Lukas Boysen a.k.a. hecq presents a very personal release, conceived as a memorial and dedication to bygone events and individuals. The basic sources for the 11 haunting tracks were original tape recordings Boysen and his family members made decades ago for private use, ranging from piano etudes to classical works by composers like J.S.Bach or J.Brahms. It was hecq's intention to restore, to revive and to re-arrange these basic sources for the existing release in a condensed and unusual way. Each tape was digitized to hard disc, loops and patches were extracted from this sound pool, and the collection was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. The tapes were taken and played back inside a church where the natural reverb of the location was added and used as the master recording. Musically, the album is a captivating assemblage of mesmeric ambient works where the natural hissing from the ancient tape recordings interpolate with orchestral classical textures and electronic manipulations. The hypnotic loops and dots transfer an atmosphere of grandeur and melancholia to those who are aligned to the album's concept as well as to the unprejudiced listener. 'Chansons…' is hecq's examination and refurbishment of a rich, touching and important time's distillate - an aural inheritance of activities and events which only remain to exist as a memory. Highly recommended.

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