KAELAN MIKLA Kaelan Mikla [2nd print-limited] LP VINYL 2017

KAELAN MIKLA Kaelan Mikla [2nd print-limited] LP VINYL 2017

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Kaelan Mikla [2nd print-limited]


2nd print - Limited edition of 500 copies with printed Inner Sleeve, Download link & big sized FABRIKA Records sticker (20x 20 cms!)! Black Vinyl

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2017
Label: Fabrika
Tracklist: A1 Kaelan Mikla 5:08
A2 Myrkridkallar 3:12
A3 Liflat 4:09
A4 Synir 3:05

B1 Upphaf 3:46
B2 Kalt 3:51
B3 Orad 5:19
B4 Glimmerogaska 7:20
Info: Kælan Mikla is a three-piece Punk/No-Wave band from Reykjavík/Island, slowly getting darker and deeper with new waves and more instruments. The band consists of three girls who perform their own poetry and have been described as an avant-garde, fresh breeze into the Icelandic music scene in the past two years. The band was formed after winning the first position in a poetry slam held by the city library in January 2013. They have since then played multiple festivals as well as touring Europe. Kælan Mikla are known for their dark melancholic sound, most of the songs consisting only of heavy bass, drums and screams with some softer, melodic synth parts in-between. The band lyrics focus on inner confusion and their intimidating stage performance, often including performance art of some sort, is bound to leave the crowd in a melancholic trance.

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