KLUTAE Black Piranha 2LP BLACK VINYL 2017 LTD.200 (VÖ 27.10)

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KLUTAE Black Piranha 2LP BLACK VINYL 2017 LTD.200 (VÖ 27.10)

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Black Piranha

Format: 2LP Black Vinyl
Limitiert auf 200 Stück
Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 27.10.2017
Label: emmo.biz

Side A:
1 The Wire & The Cuffs
2 Submission
3 Insect King
4 Bombs

Side B:
5 Panic is Bliss
6 Romania
7 Wake Up The Punks
8 Belly-Up

Side C:
9 To Be
10 We Breed
11 O.H.C.Y.S.P
12 Fucking Parasite

Side D:
13 Gaytruckerlovemeatbellyrubnonstop
14 Breathe My Dust
15 Draped despairs
16 The hurt has begun


Klutæ's successful new album "Black Piranha" is now awailable on Double Vinyl, including 4 non album songs that is not available on the Limited Edition CD-version.
Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Am Tierpark, Sequential Access, Klutæ) is back in full force with his electro punk side alter ego KLUTÆ with a new shiny album titled "Black Piranha". It's been 6 years since the very successful "Electro Punks Unite" album from 2011 so it's time to get the Electro mosh-pit going again with some fresh new Old-school electro/EBM punk. It doesnt get any harder than this so hop on and enjoy the ride! Wake up the Punks!

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