DATAPOP Pop CD 2017 LTD.500

DATAPOP Pop CD 2017 LTD.500

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Versandfertig in 24 Stunden

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Limitiert und Handnummeriert auf 500 Stück

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 04.08.2017
Label: Razgrom Music

01 Human Music
02 Unterwegs
03 Berlin
04 Machinepop Music
05 Hertz
06 Europastern
07 Electronic Music
08 Radioklang
09 Rhythmus
10 Komputer Musik
11 Waveforms


The Swedish music-project DATAPOP is another HOT addition to the Razgrom Music roster! However, for all lovers of analogue electronics in a kind of «Düsseldorfian-neo-kraut sound», the name of this band from Stockholm is well known, because DATAPOP is the most important act on the label ‘Plonk’, specializing in the production of so-called «machine-pop». What is «machine-pop»? Pure electronic music «from the roots», with mechanical robo-vocoders, exquisite minimalism, a cold atmosphere, and mathematically constructed melodies - in short, the classic sound of KRAFTWERK from the 70s /80s of the last century! Music, created not by people, but by machines - and by very talented machines... Indeed, analogies with KRAFTWERK are obvious here, and DATAPOP can be called direct followers and apologists of the musical philosophy of these great german pioneers of electronic music. For all fans of vintage electronic retro sound, analogue bits, science fiction books «about robots», and music of such projects as TELEX, METROLAND, DEUTSCHE BANK, SYSTEM, OIL 10, KRETZ, PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF are strongly recommended to pay attention to this Swedish «machinists» from DATAPOP! Previously the band released digital releases and cassettes only, and "Pop" becomes the first release on CD for DATAPOP. All the songs on "Pop" were digitally remastered for this CD-edition, and the tracklist contains 5 additional tracks (four songs from MC-EP "Ett" + one completely new song) not included on the digital release!

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