NOISUF-X Banzai LIMITED CD Digipack 2017

NOISUF-X Banzai LIMITED CD Digipack 2017

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Versandfertig in 24 Stunden

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CD Digipack
Limited Edition

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 26.05.2017
Label: Scanner

01 Ich bin soweit 
02 Banzai [Tenno Heika] 
03 Rageoholic 
04 Satisfaction 
05 Monster
06 Primary Target 
07 Robots, destroy him! 
08 Passion for War 
09 Nutcutter
10 This is Genocide 
11 Psychological Attack 
12 PAN!C 
13 Jezebel [2017 mix]


On his newest opus, NOISUF-X presents 13 catchy earworms in extreme Electro/Industrial sound and prooves once more his outstanding position in the scene! For years, Noisuf-X has achieved a top position in the industrial scene without betraying his noisy roots! Banzai will be released as limited first edition Digipak with a very special bonus-track: The 2006 Clubhit ‘Jezebel’ in an all new 2017 mix! The new album will be presented live for the first time at this years Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig!

‘Banzai’ (English: Ten Thousand Years) in Japan is a well known cheer, that is supposed to bring joy and luck for the next 10.000 years. Originally, the word comes from Chinese and was used in honor of the Emperor. A ‘Banzai-Charge’ was the description that the American soldiers (during Pacific War in WWII) used to describe the fanatically carried out storm attacks of the Japanese soldiers – a term that was coined due to the fact, that as a rule the call Banzai! was heard during Japanese attacks. After the war, this cheer evolved into a general expression of happiness and enthusiasm and it is usually repeated three times, accompanied by stretching the arms: BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!

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