DAVID E. WILLIAMS Hospice Chorale CD Digipack 2017 LTD.300

DAVID E. WILLIAMS Hospice Chorale CD Digipack 2017 LTD.300

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Hospice Chorale


CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 300 Stück

Zustand/Condition: NEU/NEW
Year: 2017
Label: Old Europa Café

01 The One who doesn't die
02 War on Despair
03 Someday I will live My Life as a Horse
04 Vinegar Stew (workstation vers.)
05 Lillian awoke
06 A Prostate in Autumn
07 BDA 30
08 Brazen, Ablaze
09 Thailand? (Why can't all the World be)
10 The Coughalong Song
11 Suicide Skyline (Method I)
12 Catholic Nihilist
13 Workplace Homicide


Although conceived as a rootsy return to his early days of lyrical nihilism and musical minimalism, Williams' 7th full length serves more as an old fashioned revue of strengths and idiosyncrasies, from the gallows cabaret of "The One who doesn't die" through to the vocal-free power electronics of "Catholic Nihilist. Curious and inventive textures abound, but old fans will feel warm and fuzzy as usual within the confines of these preternatural songs of innocence --"Someday I will live My Life as a Horse"-- and experience -- "Thailand? (Why can't all the World be)." Guest performers include: Bain Wolfkind (solo, Nova Homo, Der Blutharsch), Jerome Deppe, Tony Cesa (Destroying Angel, Signls), Albo Sudekum (Apibus), David Talento (Music for Isolation Tanks), Jane Elizabeth (Tesco USA). From beyond the grave appears the great American crooner Bing Crosby, in a sampled monologue of unmitigated cruelty. The release was mastered by the renowned James Plotkin (Khanate and many others). The CD cover is a magnificent painting by American artist Bill Rutherfoord.

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